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Who manufactures the best Aftermarket Radiators?

When you’re buying a car radiator you want to make sure that you are buying the best quality part you can get for your money. We completely understand you, as buying cheap tends to come back to bite you!!! We firmly believe that Koyorad and Kale are the two best manufacturers of Aftermarket radiators in the industry.

Our belief comes from using and selling these products for many years. We spent a long time researching who manufactures the highest quality cooling parts and what makes them the superior product to other brands. Here are a few reasons why…

Why are Kale & Koyorad Market Leaders

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Reinforced Header Plates

Reinforced Header plates are incredibly important in retaining the quality that OE parts provide, which is even better when you are paying aftermarket prices. Using state of the art machinery increases durability and strength to supercharge the quality within each part. This adds years of life onto your part to stop it breaking before you’ve got your money’s worth. How does this work? Well, Reinforced header plates provide increased surface area for support where higher than normal internal pressure exists.

Detailed Moulds

Another reason why they create the best aftermarket parts is down to the moulds. Why? Incredibly detailed radiators mean they include structural reinforcements, supports for coolant return lines, fan mounts, and coolant reservoirs.

These features add up to create the best aftermarket part. Added together it increases efficiency, longevity of the radiator!

Price effective

Considering the quality you are buying, Koyorad and Kale are really well priced in the Aftermarket. Finding a good deal feels great. However, all of their products are great deals!! If the great price still makes you think twice about their product, well you are in luck; we offer a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE to ease your mind.

Honourable Mentions

We have mentioned Koyorad and Kale a lot regarding the best aftermarket radiators. We haven’t mentioned some other brands that produce great aftermarket parts. Jdeus and Banco are two other great brands that we are more than happy sell. Both are also well known for their OEM quality at an Aftermarket price!

Thanks for reading this blog. If you want to learn more, we have an article “OEM vs Aftermarket Parts – What’s the difference?”

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